How to Choose 4D Ultrasound Service in Flushing

4D Ultrasound Flushing

About our 4D Ultrasound Service around Flushing, Queens NY

At 1st Glimpse Inc. 3D/4D Ultrasound we provide our customers with incredible 3D 4D Ultrasound experience around Flushing, Queens. We only use the latest ultrasound technologies to provide you with the clearest images and videos possible. In addition, we work hard to keep our prices extremely low so that everyone can afford them. Whether you’re looking for a one-time session so you can meet your unborn baby, or you want to schedule a series of appointments so you can literally watch your baby grow and develop over the course of the pregnancy, we are here to help you. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t pay for 4D Ultrasound in Flushing, in Queens because they are elective procedures. Despite this, however, we have package options that are affordable for almost anyone. In addition, we accept cash and credit cards to help make paying for just looking for a simple look at your child or you want to schedule several appointments so you can watch your child grow, we’re sure we can help you find a service package that you can afford. You can get a 4D Ultrasound Queens anytime from about 16 weeks to 36 weeks along. Depending on what you most want to see, we’ll help you choose the perfect time to make an appointment. To get a great full body image, you’ll want to schedule an appointment during the 2nd trimester. For a beautiful look at your child’s face, try to come in between 28 and 34 weeks. If you have any questions, or you want help choosing when you should make your appointment, just give us a call at 718-676-1303 and speak with one of our experienced ultrasound experts.